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9th February 2015

Just let it flow from your loving heart, all that you wish to say unto the world. Fear not the judgement of others just take off the brakes, there are NO mistakes. Open up your thoughts, your reservations, your aims and objectives,
let them all flow away and see what purity and clarity is left behind. Free your mind ~

Open hearted ~ Open minded, these are two very powerful states to be operating from 24/7 It would be great if you could all achieve this for it would transform not only your own lives but also those of every living thing upon the earth! These are vital states of consciousness to encourage people to aim to achieve. Transform the world through LOVE, pure and simple LOVE LOVE LOVE ~

Do not worry too much about anything at all for ALL is about to change for the greater good and your time of worrying will have been totally wasted! Enjoy every minute of everyday for every second counts. Look up to the beauty of the clear blue sky, the gentleness of nature as the rosy light of dusk does kiss the world with a warm embrace and tender gentle love. This is LIFE and you are connected to all of it.

Once the wheels do turn and your new futures you will learn, you will be so excited and delighted by what will be. Happily dare to dream of just how good this will be, set your own Heart free. For in the greatest flow of LOVE all the answers to everything can be found. Go with this positive beautiful flow and share all that you know with the rest of the world, for they are looking for a happier song to sing. Make them smile ~ 

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