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9th February 2017

Rise ✨Rise ✨Rise ✨ without compromise. Like the full moon rising high into the darkest part of the sky, shine your light brighter than the BRIGHT to help dispel the darkness of the night ~ Play your part by sharing the golden Love that is in your heart. Fear not the darkness that is all around and goes before you, ''tis only the velvet backdrop against which your amazing light can be seen and appreciated in its full glory ~ 'tis time to RISE and SHINE as the next part of your story ✨✨✨✨

'Tis important for one and all that you respond to the call of your true greatness.  It has had its time in the dark waiting silently in your heart for the perfect time to start, and that time is NOW. You owe it to yourself to DARE to BE all that you know in your wildest dreams you CAN BE. However COURAGE is required at this most important hour to grow beyond the you you are comfortable being, the you the world is used to seeing, and fully embrace the INCANDESCENCE  that you are. 'tis time to rise and shine for you truly are a STAR ⭐️ 

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