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9th January 2014

'Tis time indeed to let your heart light shine~
'Tis not always easy to feel inspired when there is darkness all around and you feel really tired!
Get in tune with the light of the moon and embrace the slower pace that is required to restore your Winter reserves.
'Tis a season of almost suspended animation for the fauna and flora and the natural world.
'Tis a time for inner work regeneration, restoration and contemplation
far more than any outward display of change or progression.

'Tis a great time for release and review.
For sorting and shifting, for clearing and removing of all personal patterns of belief or behaviour.
Allow yourself to simply BE at this time ~
Do not feel too surprised if you do not feel like looking forward to the future with bright and starry eyes!
Allow yourself to heal and gain in strength and understanding.
Winter is a time for dropping away of all that has been blocking your view
and been capturing your immediate attention. 

Now is the time to see further and clearer because the leaves and flowers are not present on the trees and bushes
giving you the clearer view of the bare structure of the trees and shrubs themselves.
You can see the mighty trunks and the powerful upward reaching branches.
The skeletons of the natural world stripped bare of all their leafy life
but standing firm and strong and living none the less. 

You can see much further across fields and into gardens.
You can by the absence of all that is green and vibrant get a totally different perspective on the world.
The larger view, the bigger picture. Thus at this bare and barren time of year you can see a lot further
and are required to take the time to be in sync with the season and the natural order of things.

Be still and quiet and work on maintaining a strong structure to your life and it's purpose,
a good strong trunk to your tree. Nurtured by good food good thought and good intention.
Focus then on your own nutritional healthy well being.
Have a good diet of life sustaining and enhancing vitamins, minerals and exercise.

Clear your own mind of all dead wood.
As the winds do blow and blow all around clearing the dead branches sticks and twigs from the trees
embrace these winds of change and clear all your old mental clutter. Outmoded beliefs and thought patterns.
Use this time to free your mind so that it can become a fertile place to form new ideas and thoughts from for the future.
Be patient as you let go of a lot of things you thought you did know and prepare the way to embrace
a whole new set of ideals in their place. 

' Tis a time for deep inner growth, really deep positive change, for by journeying inward you will find your own true self.
Possibly buried deep underneath a lot of stories and beliefs you have created to protect and disguise it, but there it is waiting at your core.
Your TRUE soul self. Not the identity you have created to house it or to hide it, but the real essence of who you came to be!
You in your full potential, your genius self, your Divine self.

Embrace this innocent you. Listen to your own dreams, your hopes and your vision.
Allow yourself to speak and hear your own hearts desires. Follow these as your new aims and objectives for the future.
Be your own visionary and tutor. Once you have reconnected to this divine centre of yourself,
let your heart light SHINE. SHINE. SHINE ~
Then you will have no trouble finding your way forward to your future
for your life shall be bathed in the golden light of your soul,
illuminating your true life's purpose and goal.

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