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9th January 2015

Where Love goes energy flows ~ so focus with soft loving eyes upon all that you wish to materialise and manifest in your world. Set goals that are inline with your souls' true mission. Aim to be the greatest you can be. See yourself as the all empowered version of you, the most confident and successful, respected and loving you.

When you choose aims and goals that are in tune with your Heart then the Universe will start to bring them to you right away, for the gravitational pull and power of Love is monumental, fundamental and unstoppable. To follow your Bliss is the most direct fast track route to achieving and attaining all that your Heart desires.

Love is the slipstream that will deliver directly to your door, directly drawn unto your core. The power of Love is profound and beyond all measure. Use the magnitude of its gravity to pull all that you yearn for, all that would indeed make your Heart sing more sweetly and shine more BRIGHTLY. Draw unto yourself all that would make you want to dance and jump with Joy~

Revisit your goals and aims, your ambitions and wishes. Make sure you give true weight to them by empowering them with your Love and attention to bring them all to fruition. Feel the warmth inside as you know your dreams and wishes have arrived and become REAL.Use this deep felt Love in your core to fuel your cosmic ordering and rest assured that they are already on their way ~ 

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