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9th October 2015

The interwoven web of Life ~ Experience, Time, Space and Eternity.
Wisdom, Grace, Courage, and Strength , Gentleness and Compassion Innocence and Joy.
Tranquility, Harmony and Synergy. Simplicity, Complexity and Love. Appreciate the miracle and diversity of it all.
Be ever grateful for the uniqueness of your soul on the journey to enlightenment. Be mindful of the ripples you create as your heart journeys home, ever onwards. Constant and true guiding you, teaching you, what it is to BE ~

BEing is believing ~ BE Gracious, Be Generous, Be Great, Be Grateful, 
Be Joy ~ Be Joyful, Be Loving ~ Be Love, Be Peaceful ~ Be Peace.
Be Enlightened and light the way for all others to become the greatest they can BE
BE Inspired and Inspirational SHINE BRIGHTLY and SIMPLY BE ~
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