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December 31st 2015

From whence you came you know the struggle and strife of life, you have learned about the heart ache and pain of loss and grief. The joys of GAIN will soon be here again, to readdress the balance, for you have given out a great deal and so a great deal is coming your way ~ Hooray!

For your lessons have been thus far all about disconnecting from all the perceived things and people, circumstances and situations that could have previously defined you. Tis time to find out who YOU are. Here you are at the pinnacle of the New Year with a perfect moment to redefine who you wish to be for the future, which is outstretched before you bathed in the most glorious syrupy golden light of ABUNDANCE ~

Choose to be the most incredible you. The most fabulous, dynamic and attractive you. Attract into your world ALL that your heart and soul truly wish for, for you have a heart of GOLD and can draw unto yourself all the people, places, support and resources that you require by activating your own true magnetism. You can create magic for you are a magical being now BE the magical creature you truly are. Remember to your core you truly are a STAR ~

You have not come to walk the path of any other, even the road less travelled has been trod before. Carve for yourself a brave new route towards your souls true goal. Spread your wisdom and share your light with places where it is day and places where it is night. BE the guiding STAR you know you are. Turn up your flame and be seen from afar. Put yourself on the map by beaming SO brightly you can not help but be seen by all those who are seekers searching for an ancient way shower ~ 

You have wisdom way and beyond your years so do not fear anything or anyone anymore. BE BRAVE for brave hearts win all there is for with courage comes confidence, with confidence comes certainty and results. Be certain that your magic will happen and your visions will be realised in the material world. Let all else go into the hands of the Angels and the wind and the rain and the snow ~ let it go, let it go, let it go! TRUST is your MUST for moving forward at all times.

The future is bright, the future is exciting and filled with choices and happy voices. For all those around you will be celebrating and resonating with the high vibrations that you bring. Believe in your own ability to be a master creator and create masterfully. You have absolutely everything you require for this to be your finest hour, day, week, month and year ~ LEAP with total TRUST and confidence, courage and joy headlong into the realm of possibilities that lay ahead in 2016 ~
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