June Newsletter 
Hello Hello from the gentle warming sunshine of our early English summer and the whispered promise of a flaming JUNE filled with gorgeous  golden days. 2016 is a whole GOLDEN year and there is an ABUNDANCE of health, wealth and happiness waiting to come into full bloom for us all ~
I had a merry month of May exhibiting at The Holistic Art House as part of the Brighton Festival Artists Open Houses. By kind invitation from my beloved friend Josephine Tyrrell together with a very talented group of artists and gifted healers, we created an amazing exhibition called  The Art Of Sacred Divine in her wonderful home at 29D Vine Street.  It was an incredibly magical healing space filled with LOVE and LIGHT and beautiful colours.

I had a wonderful time meeting masses of interesting people and shared a lot of stories, guidance and healing with a great many of them. It was the second year we had come together to create such a beacon with the intention to Brighten Brighton and I am delighted to say we were shortlisted into the final top 10 houses out of over 600 venues! Please visit our FaceBook page to see a wonderful selection of memorable moments and artistic delights. I would like to say a huge heart felt THANK YOU to Josephine, all the other artists involved, to everyone who came to see us during the five weeks of the festival, and to all the wonderful people who voted for us in the Best Open Art House awards ~

Everyone has an inner artist who just needs a little courage, support and encouragement to SHINE and it is a real pleasure to inspire and help people to get in touch with their own creativity and flow ~  Therefore I have developed a new One Day and Two Day workshops that I am offering to assist novices and accomplished artists alike to create a truly unique piece of art from their own HEART, and to guide them on a journey into their own inner world of creative expression and colour. If you would like to join me on with of these events 
I will gently guide and assist you to explore and discover the inner colours and qualities of your own unique creative self. To book your place please go to my events page.  INSPIRATIONAL PAINTING WORKSHOPS 

The HEART of YOU ~19th June 2016
The Tree of Life Integrated Health centre, Hove, sussex 10:00am till 5:00pm
Come and join me for a wonderful one day workshop and journey into the beautiful creative centre of you ~This is the perfect opportunity to say unto the world ALL that your heart has been longing to share through the use of pattern and colour.                                         Workshop Price £125

The MAGNIFICENT TEMPLE of YOU ~ 2nd + 3rd April 2016
The Koorana Centre, Ardingly, Sussex  10:00 am till 5:00 pm
You are invited to join me on a wonderful weekend of inner journeying and outer expression to find and create the most Magnificent TEMPLE of YOU.
For beginners and experienced artists and anyone interested in exploring or expanding their own creativity .   Workshop Price £350
JUNE JUNE JUNE  the green trees and vibrant flowers all around us are growing from strength to strength and the nesting birds are joyfully singing their sweet tunes of summer. Nature brings the full spectrum of glorious colour back into our world as we approach the mid summer solstice and celebrate the abundance of glorious light in the Northern Hemisphere. It is time to literally wake up and smell the Roses and to appreciate the incredible gift of conscious living, that is living in the here and now! It is all too easy to get wrapped up in our individual and collective stories and not to see the real beauty of the world and the true miracle of LIFE.
The first piece of channelled writing I ever received said "Question yea not thy future for it shall be shown unto thee as an open book, and yea shall dance across the pages with Love and Light and Colour. Forget yea not to stop a while as you walk through lifes' rich garden and to seek Peace and Harmony in every waking flower and fragrant bloom!

Astrologically speaking May was quite a challenging month with 5 planets retrograde in the Heavens casting particular emphasis on TRUST and the need to evaluate our own self worth. The theme of JUNE from on high is LOVE, ADAPTABILITY and JOY!  It is all about communication, partnerships and relationships. This particular time is about being true to who YOU are and being totally authentic to who you truly are, not just who you think you ought to be for others. We try to be perfect for others and that often means there are parts of our selves that we burry to go with the status quo of how we think other people think we should behave. This month will present plenty of opportunities to show up as your true self. The shadow side of perfection is rejection so you need to adopt and apply unconditional self love to help heal that. When you truly are who you are meant to be you will draw unto yourself ALL the wonderful things your heart desires. The More TRUE you are to yourself, the more truly your life will expand and grow and your abundance, success and Joy will flow.

Dream Big and set the most HEART felt intensions with your full passion. Your intuition will be magnified with the full moon and all your psychic gifts and abilities will come to the forefront from your subconscious mind. There is a veil lifted on the full moon of the Summer Solstice. Embrace your shadow fully and feel all that it brings up even if it is uncomfortable. As you embrace all of your self your will be able to live the whole life, the full life you have truly come to live. To BE the GREATEST you have come to BE

ADAPTABILITY is key and is the ability to take a current situation or circumstance that is either unfamiliar or somehow unacceptable, and instead of resisting or blocking it, accepting and allowing it through your own choice. Instead of putting all of your energy into resistance and judgment, choose instead to put it into being resourceful and proactive in any situation. Most of all be INSPIRED by what is NEW instead of regretting the past. It is time to put your creativity and inspiration first and to make time for yourself to do what you LOVE to do. The most important relationship this month is the relationship with YOURSELF. It is a great month to reflect on who you are, what you need, what you desire, what you have been putting up with, what needs to change, and how and where you need to adapt in order to live more fully and authentically. If you need to let something go, TRUST that another door WILL open that is better aligned and adapted to where you need to be ~

                                    Wishing you all a spectacular summer ahead Let LOVE be your GOLDEN guiding light ~
                                                                                       Love Claire X

March Newsletter


Hello from the crisp fresh mornings and the gentle warming sunshine of our newly awakening world.
The whole of 2016 is set to be very exciting as it is a GOLDEN year and the early golden daffodils are already bravely opening their beautiful trumpets to herald in the ABUNDANCE of health, wealth and happiness ahead.

This is a LEAP year and we are all being asked to LEAP into the future with courage and a sense of excited anticipation ~ March itself is a magical month full of miracles!It is a spiritually rich, soulfully nourishing month of extraordinary energy. The days are still chill but there is something VERY exciting in the air ~ This month’s astrology influences are set to bring renewal to your life, and regenerate your entire being. The most powerful lunar events of the entire year are happening this month as it is eclipse season! These eclipses will elevate your psychic senses and intensify your emotions. There has been big shifts and changes in energy both external and internal over the past few months,  and it has been a lot to process and adjust to.  We are in for another really spectacular season of cosmic events happening in the Heavens above. Starting with the total Solar eclipse on 9th March there are going to be Super moons and Eclipses and all manner of cosmic Mighty Change is also in the air and everywhere.

The trees around us may look like they are still soundly sleeping in the grip of winter but they are in fact all slowly awakening. They are busy on the inside with purposeful preparation for their spectacular show of NEW GROWTH in the Spring. As the birth, death, rebirth renewal cycle unfolds, we must trust the similar inner journey towards our own full greatness. Tis time to be brave, to come out from under the frosty blanket of winter and decide how we too will emerge anew into the world. When the fresh new shoots first appear and the bright green leaves of the trees start to grow and become visible, we can observe how our own inner transformation too is delicately progressing ~ Let go of the old mind set of lack and barren branches and be prepared for the arrival and glorious abundance of bountiful blossom ~

Any minute now the MIRACLE of new life will BURST forth and appear as radiant blossoms from seemingly dead sticks! The pure fresh pinks and whites will sit boldly against the blue skies and Joie de Vie will have returned ~ In years gone by there was a right order for the arrival of the spring flowers and they all had their correct time and place. Now however it has all changed and anything goes it seems! Crocuses, Snow Drops, Daffodils, Primroses, Violets, and even Geraniums and Roses are all in bloom in my neck of the woods amid a deep white frost! For the last few years I have worried that with the traditional timing and order of spring flower emergence lost, and climate change chaos reigning in its place, nature would not be able to adapt but that is not so. Now I see that Mother Nature is leading by glorious example and that it is US who also have to adapt quickly to the changes that are occurring all around in our familiar world. For us to not only survive but to THRIVE we have to confidently expand beyond WHAT and WHO we have come to know ourselves to be. We have to follow the new seasons NO RULES of not having to wait for the so called proper or correct time for anything any more. Mother Nature is showing us we can all go ahead and burst forth into radiant bloom whenever the conditions are favourable and we feel we are ready and able to do so!. Tis time to boldly evolve into the next beautiful evolution of ourselves. We have all been silently, persistently growing from the inside, patiently preparing to emerge into the world as the greatest and most MAGNIFICENT we can be! GREAT CHANGE is in the air ~

The MAGNIFICENT TEMPLE of YOU  2nd + 3rd April 2016
The Koorana Centre, Ardingly, Sussex  10:00 am till 5:00 pm
You are invited to join me on a wonderful weekend of inner journeying and outer expression to find and create the most Magnificent TEMPLE of YOU.
For beginners and experienced artists and anyone interested in exploring or expanding their own creativity. During this inspirational painting workshop I will gently guide and assist you to explore and discover the inner colours and qualities of your unique self.    Workshop Price £300    
Last Spring I started my radio show EQUILARIUM FM on OMTimes and we planted the first seeds of EQUILARIUM my major project out across the airwaves. The show grew and grew steadily over the weeks and months into a thing of great beauty with the Love and support of my dear friends Josephine Tyrrell, Gill Orsman, Carmen Vesztergom, Anita Wisdom and a spectacular array of amazing very special guests.
I absolutely loved every show and am SO grateful to everyone who so generously contributed their Wisdom, Joy, Love, and Laughter to help Raise Vibrations Across the Nations ~ I am also extremely grateful for the immense personal growth I gained from the whole experience ~ However we are all being asked to LEAP beyond our comfort zones now and so it was with great LOVE, that I brought the show to a very  HAPPY ENDING with all the girls reunited around my kitchen table for a wonderful FINALE SHOW!  I am delighted to say you will still be able to listen to ALL the shows on the archives ~ So until the equinox officially propels us into the brightness of SPRING and brings the timely end to our Winters tale, 

Autumn Newsletter


Hello Hello from the misty mornings and earlier darkening evenings of our beautiful English Autumn. I have at long last returned after months and months of absence on the newsletter front. From this mid November I bring you all my updates, astrological alignments, personal developments and exciting Autumn news. Since my last newsletter back in the throws of Spring I have moved house and transitioned from my beloved secluded Sussex village home and life into the bright lights and city life of Brighton.

There has been big shifts and changes in energy both external and internal over the past few months,  and it has been a lot to process and adjust to not just for me and my family but for everyone as well. We have had a really spectacular season of cosmic events happening in the Heavens above. There have been 3 Super moons, a giant full Blood moon and Solar Eclipses, the Lions Gate Portal opening and the Star of Bethlehem back in the Heavens for the first time for 2,000 years! Just to mention a few! Mighty Change is everywhere ~

British summertime has been and gone, Halloween and bonfire night have both had their day and now the Christmas decorations are appearing in the shops! Here in the South of England Autumn has been slowly progressing with its beautiful syrupy golden yellows, coppers, bronzes, rich ruby reds and deepest oranges towards winter, at a mild and gentle pace in no particular hurry to get there!


Autumns glorious Harvest and abundance is in evidence everywhere, filling the world with masses of wonderful richness, colour and LOVE ~ The trees have been celebrating all the incredible variety of tone and colour that they had been hiding within their summer greens. Delighting in displaying the different aspects and shades within their full range of possibility. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we can follow the organic example set by our wonderful trees. They serve as natures great gurus of time, keeping us all in touch with what is being asked of us at any given moment.  All around us they are releasing their beautiful treasured leaves, shedding what no longer serves them and we too are being asked and guided to release without regret, old ideas and limiting beliefs, mind sets and false restrictions, old goals, aims and objectives, circumstances and situations, even people and places who no longer serve us for our highest greatest good. 

The trees may look like they are dying but they are SO not! They are busy with purposeful activity, they are dismantling the chlorophyll in their leaves, drawing their nutrients back into their centres storing their energy for new growth in the Spring. We are being encouraged to allow things to naturally drop away too, drawing energy back into our core ready for our new growth in the future ~

Tis time to be brave, to come out from the comfort and security of blending into the general anonymity of the forest. As the cycle unfolds, we must trust the inner journey towards our full greatness. When the bright leaves of our trees go brown and fall to the ground, we can observe how our own transformation is progressing ~

Tis time to stand strong, bold and naked to the world, owning our individual beauty and purpose. To confidently expand beyond what and who we have come to know ourselves to be. Our futures lie beyond our comfort zones. Tis time to shed our own leaves and prepare to evolve into the next evolution of ourselves, silently, persistently growing from the inside, patiently preparing to emerge into the world as the greatest we can be in the future~ 

A New Moon in Scorpio on 11*11 created an opening for us al to shape shift into a new form. Scorpio embodies the cycle of transformation and her magic medicine teaches us how to shed out model forms of being in order to rise to new heights. Death and Rebirth are part of her cyclical dance and a fantastic portal of Abundance and manifestation was opened and now we are being called to trust our deepest instincts and to walk through the door of self-mastery, I and I, at ONE with the shifting tides. 

My Spring news was that I launched my own radio show on 22nd April and planted the seeds of EQUILARIUM FM on OMTimes Radio. The show now goes out live on Wednesday at 6pm GMT and 1 pm EST. I am very happy and grateful to have had my dearest soul sisters Josephine Tyrrell and Gill Orsman by my sides, my co hosting buddies along with my beloved regular guests Carmen Vesztergom and Anita Wisdom for the past 6 months. Together we have happily journeyed out from around my kitchen table, across the airwaves and beyond ~ Raising Vibrations Across the Nations ~
Please have a listen, give us a like and your feed back on EQUILARIUM FM Facebook page
Here is the link to the show archives ~  http://podcast.omtimes.com/category/equilarium-fm/ 

The spring seeds of EQUILARIUM FM did emerge as beautiful radiant blooms. Now in Autumn their spectacular seed heads remain beautifully packed with future hope and possibility. Amazing new seeds of potential waiting to be planted in fertile grounds in the future. In keeping with the change of the seasons my show is going through a transition and is evolving into something new. I will be stepping beyond my comfort zone, moving away from always having my beloved field of friends by my sides, and will be beaming out across the airwaves more on my own ~  So please come and join me as I take the next exciting steps into the unknown. Here is my first solo show ~ https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-2qidv-5a55ec
I have received some fantastic pieces of guidance over the past few months and one particularly interesting piece on the 25th May revealed the true identity of Twitchy as THOTH the mighty Egyptian oracle and fountain of ancient wisdom and knowledge. You can read this and all my other guidance HERE if you haven't had a chance to already do so  ~

Other November news is that my website has a fabulous NEW SHOP  with a wide range of beautiful high quality merchandise. I have just received a fantastic "HummingBird iPhone 5 "case which I only ordered a few days ago and am totally delighted with! There are loads of options and excellent unique ideas for really special gifts, perfect and just in time for Christmas!

I will also be revealing lots of exciting other new features on my website which will be coming very soon including a fabulous new Members Community ~ 

Much love and All best wishes for now Claire