Patchwork Heart

A richly patterned patchwork of emotions and stories , lovingly pieced together to create The fabric of Life.

Embellished with vintage jewellery and crystals.


If your life is a heart then everything has its part in the forming of the whole.


This quilt is uniquely crafted over time from your own individual memories and experiences and is cut and sewn to your very personal design.

The delicate balance of tone and colour, pattern, size, shape and form are all important in the creation of our individual stories. Some times life does have a predictable pattern and scale and the pattern seems to flow then life changes as it does , and the pattern and scale of the pieces alters too.

The lighter tones and lessons of life are Happiness and joy, soft and delicate like gentle cherished pastels. Other times and pieces are made of more challenging patterns and emotions like hurt and pain , grief and strife yet some of Love and glory they all add depth to the whole and sincerity to the overall creation of your Quilt. It is the darker tones and times of life that bring forth the greatest lessons and therefor yield the greatest treasure .These darker patches are the difficult times where it is possible to learn the most, to expand and earn badges of merit and medals of honour.


If all of life were made of fluffy pinks and pastels it might be silly and meaningless so it is the deeper richer tones that add the structure to life and help maintain the very shape of our hearts. Here in this patchwork and in my heart, the most important and predominant shape is the Star of Hope!

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