Leap of Faith ~ Here a magnificent white Unicorn is seen flying with ease and grace across a deep blue indigo sky. He is blessed with a silvery swirling main and mighty feathered wings of iridescent mauves and blues. He has a large clear blue Swarovski crystal eye for clear vision and a magical silver horn encrusted with quartz crystals, which pierces the darkness ahead of him and effuses a trail of mystical light. He has pearlescent hooves for safe solid landings and a star embossed with a pearl heart on his bottom. Finally he has a spectacular tail, which blazes beautiful colour and radiant light across the night sky. This beautiful Magical Unicorn leads they way by example and shows us all how to TRUST in the process of life and how to DARE to have a dream and follow it. Believe in it, believe in yourself, and make it happen~ Dare to leap into the darkest part of the sky, high up over all the troubles and turmoil of life. Trust that as you leap your wings are huge and amply large enough to carry you with great ease. Then know like you know, like you know, that as you leap headlong into the unknown YOU will bring the LIGHT with you ~  
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