Tree of Life

The Tree of Life ~ As is above ~ so is below ~  
Bold roots reach deeply down into fertile soil holding firmly onto pieces of real crystal.  The solid trunk and branches reach upwards with great strength and confidence towards the sky.  Abundant with ripened fruits, berries and blooming flowers, shimmering with joy and brimming with life ~
A golden ripened crop surrounds the Tree in a gentle undulating landscape.  
The Tree of Life  ~
Within the heart is where to start to make amends to your life. Thus from within you can begin to set the world to rights. 'Tis within the bark of the mighty oak the tree does truly live. Thus from within it does supply the inner strength to reach the sky. Planetary peace and universal love can be yours here on earth as in Heaven above.      
                                                       July 19th 1993

Paint yourself a vision of your future, be your own visionary and your own tutor. Dig your roots right down so you can open your crown and pull down the abundance and prosperity to your feet. Then you will achieve all the happiness and success that you seek.                                                                             July 31st 2007
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