Twinkle Beach

A beautiful pastel Paradise with a glorious golden beach. Where the crystal trimmed turquoise waves break gently upon the shore. Here all is calm, all is well, all is at peace. The sun is setting softly into the far horizon amid a pallet of delicate hues of blue, purple rose and gold. The twinkling last light dances across the sea as pure silver on tiny pieces of mirror taken from recycled shattered car wing mirrors. The air is warm and sweetly scented with exotic fragrances jasmine, thyme and frangipani .Here all things are possible and all things are waiting patiently. Cast your wishes and dreams into the sea of abundance and watch with delight as they are returned unto you with the greatest of ease.
Twitchy 17.8.13

Back in the rhythm of nature the natural pace of life. No time , no rush, no hurry, no worry just the constant ebbing and flowing coming and going of the sea the sun and the moon. 

This is the tune to reset your life to, the real base line the tide line of the natural breath of the in and out of the sea. The embracing and the releasing.
The natural gaining and loosing the yin and the yang , the whole cycle in its simplicity and grace. With ease and pleasure relax at your leisure and calm your whole vibration. 

Focus with clarity on that which you would truly love to become your new reality and from this place of natural peace and beauty trust that your love and creativity will bring your hearts desire into form in your world , and manifest your dreams into the tangible reality of your life. 

Believe in your self your power as a creator and your natural ability as an alchemist to perform pure magic. Believe and conceive ~ decree a thing with conviction and it shall be done, as sure as the stars in the night sky are followed by the rising of the sun.

Tis the natural order of things so make sure you put in your order for the Universe to provide and produce your desired results. Focus with all your Love on this and relax and enjoy the ride ~ 

Ride the wave of your own belief and passion to the shore of your dreams 
your land of plenty , your paradise beach, your Heaven on Earth ~

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